For Reflection

Mary’s story of meeting Jesus after He had risen from the dead is found in John 20:1-18. Mary Magdalene met the risen Lord Jesus and received the message she was to proclaim. She was the first to testify that Jesus was raised from the dead.

Mary’s story illustrates our faith journey. We come looking for Jesus. Whether we know it or not, He truly is the desire of our hearts, we were created for fellowship with Him. We cry out to Him in our brokenness, just as Mary cried out in her broken and grief stricken condition as she looked for Jesus. We too, when we hear His voice within the depths our soul can turn to meet Him. We may meet Him through a still small voice in our hearts. We may meet Him in those who suffer (see Matthew 25:31-40). We may meet Him in other disciples; people very much like Mary, who have met Jesus and have chosen to follow Him. We may meet Him unexpectedly, as the words of Scripture suddenly come alive to our hearts and minds. We may meet Him in some other way. Though our faith stories are unique to each of us, we must each respond to Jesus … “Teacher … my Lord and my God.” As soon as we begin to follow Him, we become His disciples, and we should proclaim through our lives (our words, attitudes, actions, and behavior) that we have seen the Lord … we have been with Him.

Mary’s story is unique: Jesus did a marvelous thing for her … the Lord allowed her to be the first to see and to touch Him after He had risen from the dead. She was the first disciple to proclaim, “Christ is risen!” And yet Mary’s story, at least the big picture of Mary’s story, is also our story. And we are each called to do as she did. We are called to fully accept and cherish the sacrifice Jesus has made to give us salvation, and to joyfully share the truth of our Lord’s Resurrection.