May 2019
News of the Topeka Free Methodist Church

National Day of Prayer

The annual National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 2. There will be a statewide observance at 12:00 (noon) in the second floor rotunda of the State Capitol.

The citywide observance is at the Big Gage Shelter House (next to the zoo). Worship will begin at 6:00 pm and prayer will begin at 6:30 pm. The service will conclude before 7:30 pm.

For more information visit the Topeka NDP website:

Mitch McVicker Concert

Mitch McVicker will be in concert at the church on Friday, May 17 at 7:00pm. This is a free concert. A free will offering will be taken. There are fliers available if you have an opportunity to post one.


May 22 will be the final WWW (Wednesday Worship Warriors) service before the summer break.

Great Plains Annual Conference

Pastor Mark and Kurtis Scott will attend the Great Plains Annual Conference, May 23-24.

Annual Society Meeting

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend the Annual Society meeting on Sunday, May 26 immediately following morning worship.

Mission Trip

Pastor Mark & Julie, and Curtiss Chase are taking a three-week mission trip to the Nhaloi Hospital in Mozambique, Africa from May 28 through June 19, 2019 on a Hope and Healing Africa (HHA) team. To learn more about the work of HHA talk to Pastor Mark, Julie, or Curtiss or find the website at Please pray for the team and the people of Mozambique.

Harvester’s Mobile Pantry

The Harvester’s Mobile Pantry in the church parking lot that was scheduled for Saturday, June 1 has been cancelled. Our next scheduled distribution is Saturday, July 27.

Clothing Closet

The Clothing Closet will be open on Saturday, June 29 from 9:00am-12:00 (noon) and Saturday, July 6 from 9:00am-12:00 (noon).

For Reflection

For many, many Christians, and I’ve heard these sermons down the years, the significance of the resurrection appears to be that there really is a life after death and that if you believe in Jesus you can go there too. Now that is simply not what the Easter narratives are about.

You’ve put it like this. In the New Testament outside the Gospels and the beginning of Acts, again and again, the fact of Jesus’ resurrection is closely linked to our own ultimate resurrection, which isn’t life after death – it’s life after life after death. Whatever life after death is, being with Christ which is far better, being in Paradise like the thief, etc, the many rooms where we go immediately… that is the temporary place. The ultimate life after life after death is the resurrection in God’s new world.

But then, in the Gospels you don’t get that yet. In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the beginning of Acts, nobody is saying, “Jesus is raised from the dead! Therefore there is a life after death. Therefore we’re going there.” They say, “Jesus is raised from the dead… Therefore, he really is the Messiah … Therefore, he really is the Lord of the world … Therefore God’s new creation has begun … And therefore, we have a job to do!” It’s what John 20-21 are all about. It’s what Luke 24 is all about. It’s this astonishment. The stuff has happened! And that means we’ve got to take this message out and make it happen out in the world.

It’s about new creation, in other words. It’s about Jesus’ bodily resurrection as the beginning of the recreation of the cosmos. That is so stunning!

– Anglican Bishop, N. T. Wright