Harvester’s Mobile Food Pantry

Topeka Free Methodist Church, a member of Harvester’s network, will hold a Mobile Food Pantry in Topeka on Saturday, June 2, beginning at 9:00am. Plan to arrive by 9:00 (or before) since we often run out of food by 10:00. The food pantry will be held in the church’s parking lot: 3450 SE Indiana Ave. Topeka, Kansas 66605.

The Mobile Food Pantry will distribute food intended for families in need of emergency food assistance. The distribution of primarily fresh produce will take place on a first-come, first-serve basis. Recipients will be asked to provide the number in the household, and volunteers will distribute food from pallets directly into vehicles.

Clothing Exchange

The Clothing Exchange will be open Saturday, June 9 from 9:00am – 12:00pm (noon) and Saturday, June 16 from 9:00am – 12:00 (noon). The Clothing Exchange offers free clothing and small household items. People may also bring gently used clothing to share. Clothing needs to be in good condition (you would still wear it) and clean.

For Reflection

Paul says, “be transformed.” (Romans 12:2). The Greek word is a verb (metamorphoō) that means “to be changed in form, transformation.” This Greek word is the origin of the English word “metamorphosis.”

Metamorphosis is a natural process that we can observe. Sometimes God’s creation illustrates a spiritual truth. In fact, Jesus often used what we see in nature: seeds, plants, trees, vineyards, and gardens; to teach spiritual truth so that people could better understand ideas that were often hard to grasp. The process of metamorphosis in nature is a wonderful illustration of the transformation Paul refers to. The best example of metamorphosis is a butterfly.

A caterpillar will wrap itself inside a chrysalis and after some time will emerge a butterfly. In its chrysalis a caterpillar undergoes a complete body restructuring … it builds an entirely new and different body plan: brain, nerve pathways, heart, eyes, feet, antennae, mouth, stomach, reproductive organs, and of course wings. The caterpillar’s cells actually die and the components of the cells are recycled and turned into a kind of soup from which the new cells are made. After a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis and its wings completely unfold and dry in the air, it flies away. It doesn’t need to be taught how to fly … like a bird. A caterpillar is transformed from creeping along branches and leaves to soaring in the air.

For us, however, transformation is an ongoing journey; it is not a one-time action. We do not emerge completely transformed like a butterfly. We must regularly, even daily, renew our minds so that we are continually being transformed, because as long as we live in this world its influence will affect us. Our life-long journey of life in Christ is the path of transformation: as long as we are alive in this world and in this body that is subject to sickness, injury, and finally death we are being transformed. So we are called to live a transforming life: a life in which we are being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, and a life in which we are a transforming presence in this world, influencing the people around us. As we renew our minds through offering ourselves to God, worshiping God, and practicing the spiritual disciples; not only are we being transformed, but we are a transforming influence on the people we know and the people we meet along our journey of life in Christ.